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The Stimpson Seashell Museum will be one of the premier Conchology museums of the world. It will house the greater portion of the personal collection of Peter G. Stimpson M.D., which has been growing over the last 35 years. Altogether, his collection of shells is a few hundred thousand. He estimates his collection is the third or fourth largest in the world. It will serve two purposes, to assist with the education of our youth in East Tennessee and to grow tourism in downtown Loudon, Tennessee.

The study of Malecology (Mollusks) and Conchology (seashells) is minimal in the interior of the United States. To expand this education to youths of all school systems (kindergarten through graduate school) would be ground-breaking. The Stimpson Seashell Museum would be available to all school systems to promote their biological curriculums.

Furthermore, tourism in Loudon County is in its infancy. Strides have been made both in Loudon and Lenoir City to attract restaurants, retail centers, and tourist traffic. Downtown Loudon now has eating establishments and vendors where few have existed before. There is a huge desire by the government and its citizens to grow this traffic. The Stimpson Seashell Museum would attract tourists on an international level and would lead to great strides in the promotion of our downtown.

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Peter Stimpson